Packing List

I reckon this gear can survive me in conditions down to UK winter (about 5 C).

From top Left:

*Update. I wanted to fit everything in a carry on bag so I’ve started cutting down the list

*update 2. I’ve just got this budgeting app and it is all linked to my banks accounts so it is all automatic.

  1. Cheap Sunglasses (found on the beach)
  2. Thick poncho  (gonna try and find a compact rain coat)
  3. Thin disposable poncho (for taking out in bag)
  4. Toiletries:
    1. Toothpaste 100ml
    2. Toothbrush (cut in half)
    3. Comb (cut in half)
    4. Dr Bronners Soap 2 x 100ml (super concentrated soap with 18+ uses apparently)
    5. Berrocca (got rehydration sachets in my first aid kit)
    6. Hand Sanitiser
    7. Conditioner
    8. Sun cream
    9. Roll on Deo
    10. Toilet roll (not taking a full roll any more)
  5. First Aid kit
    1. Paracetamol
    2. Blister plasters
    3. Disposable thermometers
    4. Plasters
    5. Non adherent dressing
    6. Adhesive wound dressing
    7. Latex gloves
    8. Antiseptic Wipes
    9. Imodium (Essential)
    10. Rehydration sachets (hangover/shits recovery)
    11. Spray on plaster
    12. Hand sanitiser
    13. Antiseptic cream (essential)
    14. Hydrocortisone (bite and sting relief)
    15. Daktacort
  6. Collapsable water bottle
  7. Cord
  8. Duct tape
  9. Smart Blue Adidas Jacket
  10. Buff Multi-use head scarf
  11. Mozzy roll on (spray ran out really quickly)
  12. Multi vitamins (for when I can’t afford real food)
  13. Sleeping eye cover, ear plugs, pillow (taken from Emirate plane)
  14. Playing Cards, Jungle Speed Game (best travel game in the world)
  15. Woolen Long Johns
  16. Nike Hat
  17. Thick Woolen socks
  18. Compression bag with DD Superlight Hammock, DD Superlight Mosquito Net, DD Superlight Tarp
  19. BumBag
  20. Merino Wool boxers x 3 (don’t need to change every day, win)
  21. Merino wool t shirt
  22. Trusty Disobey/King of Paint T shirts
  23. Starter Hat (doesn’t actually serve to keep sun from eyes so I am leaving it)
  24. Tramp Satchel (folds down smaller than a rucksack)
  25. Shorts
  26. Thin Socks x 3 2
  27. Microfibre travel towel 
  28. Short Sleeve denim shirt
  29. Vest x 2 1
  30. Swim shorts
  31. Cotton Sleeper (in case hostel doesn’t have sheets/sheets are gross)
  32. Helly Hansen Merino Wool Long sleeve shirt. Best piece of kit on the list
  33. Havianas Flip Flops. Found at a beach party. Fit Perfectly
  34. Long sleeve denim shirt  (already have one smart long sleeve item)
  35. Compression bag x2
  36. Bad Science book (got it on Kindle now)
  37. Yashica 35-ME camera
  38. Canon 600D digital SLR
  39. 50 Litre Back Pack
  40. Back pack rain cover its too big and don’t really need it anyway
  41. 35mm films x 10
  42. Digital Camera
  43. Camera Charger
  44. USB card Reader
  45. Phone charger
  46. Universal Travel plug
  47. Mini Speakers x 2
  48. Shower puff


  1. Jeans
  2. Jumper?
  3. T Shirt
  4. Shoes Nike Chukka Boots (lightweight, thick sole, more compact than walking boots)

Approx Items – 75


Old packing photo

travel packing list



  1. My list for say… 10 days in Europe.
    shoes 2 pr (sneaks and leather lace up & I’ll be wearing the sneakers on the plane)
    boxers 6 pr
    socks 6 pr (I’ll do laundry there)
    jeans 2 pr (wearing 1)
    khaki’s 1 pr
    shorts 2 pr
    t shirts 4
    sweatshirt 1
    button down shirt 2
    swimsuit 1
    jacket 1
    belt 1
    phone (has a camera built in)
    cash (twice as much as you think you’ll need) passport/wallet/credit cards
    32 items DONE…
    you can buy a converter there (that actually works) and you only need it for your phone charger
    you don’t need a 1st aid kit or hand sanitizer. If you do, buy it there
    don’t take a hair dryer or any of that (buy it there, then leave it in your last hotel room before you come home
    shower squeegee? Really? Remember, this is a pedestrian culture and you’re gonna have to carry around a shower squeegee.
    Reducing all the bullshit will allow you to move to and fro much easier. Plus, you now actually have room for souvenir’s, clothes, or whatever you plan on bringing back.

    You’re welcome. Happy travels bro.


  2. That is a really great list Tom!
    While looking at the items you crossed out, I would probably leave the jeans and cotton sleeper, but take the backpack rain cover. Mine is really lightweight and not only protects from dust and rain on the roof of dodgy buses, but also from curious hands in a crowd… ūüôā


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