Final Travel Plans

*edit: having read a blog about how cheap it is to live anywhere when you work, I will probably spend longer in each place. As a result, the country timings no longer mean how long I will spend in each place, but how much budget I have in each place. So if one months budget lasts 5 months, I can extend my stay in that place by 4 additional months.

This is pretty much the same as the previous travel plan, but with some minor changes. I have declined my offer to work at camp America

[36 months] – Country Timings
[1-9] South America: April ’15 – Dec ’15 (9 months) 

==> Brazil – 5 months (May – September)

Bolivia – 2 months (October November)

Peru – 2 months (December January)


I need to fly back to Europe for the following:

Skiing with family – Jan or Feb. France

Snowboarding stag with devin – April. Bulgaria

Jakes Stag – May. Poland

August – Devin/Jakes Weddings. England

Likely route for Europe, now considering commitments:

  1. Arrive in France to ski with family for a week (January or Febuary)
  2. Italy
  3. Bulgaria for a few days snowboarding for Devins stag do. (April)
  4. Poland for Jakes Stag do (mid May)
  5. From mid-May to Early August, make my way to Calais, via Germany, Netherlands and Belgium
  6. From early August go to UK for weddings
  7. Afterwards I am free to go round Europe


[15-19] Europe: June ’16 – October ’16 (5 months) – Bla Bla Car/Moped

==> Portugal>> Spain>> France>> Belgium>> Netherlands>> Germany>> Czech Republic>> Austria>> Italy>> Croatia>> Bosnia>> Hungary>> Romania>> Bulgaria>> Greece>> Turkey

Colombia – 2months (Febuary March)


[10-11] Central America: Jan ’16 – Feb ’16 (2 months)

==> Panama>>Costa Rica>> Nicaragua>> Honduras>> Guatemala>> Mexico

Get to Mexico as quickly/cheaply as possible and stay there for most of the time


[12-14] North America: March ’16 – May ’16 (3 months)

==> Los Angeles to Boston (3,000 miles).

LA>>Arizona>>New Mexico>> Texas>> Oklahoma>> Illinois>> Indiana>> Ohio>> Pennsylvania>> New York (hop over to Toronto if possible)>> Massachusetts.

L.A. Visit Ray

Arizona. The Grand Canyon. Native American Culture.

New Mexico. Rails to Trail Hike. Carlsbad Caverns for the rest of the places/time

New York. See Nick Hakim Live. Visit Toronto

Boston. See Mums family.


[20-21] India: November ’16 – January ’17 (2 months) – Train

==> India>>Bangladesh>>Burma


[22-34] S E Asia: Feb ’17 – Feb ’18 (12 months) – Motorbike

==> China>> Vietnam [fly to Hawaii?]>> Laos>> Thailand>> Cambodia>> Thailand>> Malaysia>> Indonesia

Vietnam seems to have the cheapest flights to Hawaii. Maybe fly there for a few months to work on farms.

[35-] Australia/NZ: March ’18 –


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