Bucket List

(Bold Items are not country specific)

Travel across a whole country without spending any money

See an Aurora

Walk across a country

Cycle across a country 

See an active Lava Lake

Swim with Sharks

Bungee Jump

Illegal Bungee Jump

Hang glide


Sky Dive

Wing suit skydive

Swim with wild dolphins

Base Jump

Base Jump through mist

Go one month without spending any money (still doing fun stuff)

Go two months without spending any money

Go six months without spending any money (whilst moving between places)

Run a marathon

Find a new place to live

Watch a volcano erupting 

Advanced level:






Brazilian Portuguese

Sleep in an abandoned luxury hotel

Hang hammock and sleep between two branches high in a tree

Learn HTML, Python, C

Climb suspension bridge in South America

Football match in Rio

Lapa Steps

Iguazu Falls. Brazil/Argentina 


Favela party

Rio carnaval

Day of the dead. Mexico

See Great pyramids in Cairo 

…Sit on top of the great pyramid. Cairo

Climb Kilimanjaro

Watch Calcio Fiorentino in Florence (MMA Rugby). Italy (June only)

007 Dam Bungee Jump. Switzerland


Colosseum. Rome

Catacombs. Paris

St. Patricks Day in Ireland

Rice terraces. South China

WWOOF on Lasqueti canada

Set foot on every continent

Photograph Wild – 

– Paradise Birds. Bolivia

Hummingbirds. South America

– Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Leopard, Stork

– Breaching Hump-back whale/orca/dolphins

Cycle/motorbike the Death Road. Bolivia

Surf a wave that’s taller than me

Freight hop in Canada

See Grand Canyon

Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Visit Victoria Falls, Zambia

Salt flats, Bolivia 

Curry in India

Holi Festival India

Festivals in Europe

See Aztec pyramids 

See Mayan pyramids

Nachos and tequila in Mexico 

Learn Muay Thai in Thailand

Learning goals 


Dairy farming 

Living off grid 


Commune Living

Chicken farming 

Small dairy farming 

Building with guadua/bamboo


Rice terrace farming 

Bee keeping 

Work Goals

Work in Portugal speaking only Portuguese for 6-12 months

Work/volunteer in Sweden 6-12 months to learn Swedish

Volunteer in various French places till fluent in French

Work/volunteer in either Arabic or Greek speaking country till I speak the language

Bucket list

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