Last commissions of 2015 

Here are the all my final jobs of 2015.

I was painting a shutter in London for Red Bull. And the guy from the shop next door started talking to me. He ended up forcing me to paint his shop. After doing three shutters that night I wanted to go home and I gave every excuse to get away but he wouldn’t relent. I said I didn’t have the right colours or caps. I said I would come back the next day and he didn’t believe me (fair, because I wouldn’t have come back). Anyway in the end I did this with the colours and caps I had and I flipping loved it.

I painted a load of these shutters for Red Bull. The last campaign I did with them was similar but threw up so many more problems so this one was a lot easier.

Last ever canvas. Fitting six letters on to something this size was tough

One of the last graffiti bedrooms. Quite liked this one despite having to paint a football logo.

Last bit of work for ash grange school. Marie gave me so much work and kept me going at times. She was my favourite person by far

And the last ever job: one I picked up by being at the pub a week before leaving

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