Leaving dooz

First one with my bezza from Birmingham. This was the only photo I managed to get. Us struggling home at 7am after multiple clubs.

Then there’s the Bristol clan. Hayley and Cheney. Apparently it’s normal to buy yourself an Easter egg at the end of the night when you are drunk and hungry. Hayley and Cheney always dress the same, not on purpose either

And the Wokingham massive. A lot of love for these guys. I love that the night ended with Webby recounting the last time he had diahrea and it lasted 5 days so he had to do a home stool sample, which he caught in a tuppaware. 12 people round the table and that story wasn’t out of place.

And there’s Devin and Homer. This happened. Best friends from school

And then there’s the family. This one is making me miss home and I’m at home right now



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