First hurdles

the flight to São Paulo with TAM airways was pretty bad. I didn’t know it was going to be 12 hours so that was a bummer. It was so uncomfortable that I only managed 5 hours sleep.

 Then none of the stewardesses understood me, so the guy next to me translated. Haven’t had a very good impression of Brazilians so far, they all seem so angry when you speak English at them, I can’t understand why.. 

I didn’t know I was meant to collect my bag when changing in São Paulo. So for an hour I was trying to explain this to the lost baggage people. We resorted to google translate which only just made any sense after three attempts from both of us. 

When they found my bag after an hour I grabbed it and hugged it and said thank you to the English speaking guy who had sorted it all. 

Unfortunately by then I had missed my connecting flight to Rio. Even if I had got the bag back in good time it wouldn’t have helped. I then found out I was in the wrong airport and the connection included an airport as well as an aeroplane change.

So now I am stuck waiting for a bus to the OTHER São Paulo airport and have no idea when I will get to Rio. 

…just got off the bus and am now in São Paulo airport 2. Everything seems to have corrected itself. On the way to the airport the walls lining the roads were COVERED in the most amazing graffiti I have ever seen. I’ll definitely be coming back here to see it properly.  And after getting to the airport, they let me go in the priority queue to rearrange my flight…for free…and I only need to wait half an hour….AND, it’s to a different Rio airport which is actually closer to my first hostel. I believe that’s universal. Balance beig restored 


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