The day everything that could go wrong…did

I feel like an idiot abroad, but it’s not funny. I feel though in many years I will look back on this and laugh as it was the worst part of my trip. IMG_3743

For the record, I definitely won’t be blogging this much all the time, but nothing is going right at the moment and really nothing good has happened since being in Brazil. This morning has been no different and as there are no English people here to vent at, I have to resort to my blog.


This morning the plan was to get to the Eco build project. I woke up to torrential rain which was cool. I got to the bottom of the favela and stepped in a huge puddle. My shoes already stank but now they are probably worse. I want to take them off as my feet hurt from the damp but I fear the aftermath, so I will risk trench foot for the sake of people around me.

I got to Rio airport which I thought was the first bus change. I went inside the airport to get some money out, and realised I no longer had my credit card. I must have left it at the cash machine at the airport a couple of days ago. Luckily I have my card with my funds on it so I used that. I unpacked my whole bag on the airport floor but couldn’t find the card. I did however find my shampoo had opened and leaked in my wash bag.

I then went to the information desk and asked them where I get the next bus from. They said it was at a station an hour away and I shouldn’t have got off the bus I had taken this far. So now I have to pay again for the same bus. Then change, then change again.

Anyway the thought of getting further from the airport in to the countryside and further from any English speaking people got too much.

So I went back to the information point and asked where I could get flights to Bolivia.

I got to the ticket desk and they didn’t speak English so they gave me a number to call but it didn’t work. Eventually an English speaking staff member arrived and said I would have to get the bus back to the city (2 hours back where i came from) to go to the airlines shop to buy a ticket..

So I took that as a sign to carry on trying to get to the Eco build as planned.

Time has passed since the last paragraph and I have successfully taken the bus to the intended first change. I am completely out of tourist zone and it feels amazing.

I’ve come to realise that when things go wrong, the journey can feel like the worst idea possible, and all I can think is ‘what the hell am I doing’ but the second I get back on track it becomes an awesome adventure. I now understand the appeal of ‘staying off the beaten track’. Even though I still can’t talk to anyone properly it has become so fun

So anyway the third (meant to be second) bus was the final stressful mistake. I asked for a ticket to the north of the town but he had sold me a south ticket. I didn’t realise this till I was on the bus and there was a little ‘s’ next to ‘nova friburgo’.

I was set to become completely lost again (and it was getting dark) until three separate amazing people went out of their way to help me. I am now at the Eco Project and it is incredible. Those three people and how they helped deserve a post of their own so I’m going to write that tomorrow.

Bart (the owner) says he can drive from Rio to here in 2.5 hours…it took me 12, and required five buses rather than 3. But I am here, it is beautiful and all is good.

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