Favourite photos from Cardinot. Nova Friburgo. Brazil

I never really thought much of my digital photos in the past. And have always much preferred the photos I have taken on my 35mm camera. However since being here I have taken a fair few photos which I really like. So I am going to upload them to this post. Whilst I am in Cardinot that is, which could be some time.



Met this dude at the building site today. I thought it was abee at first, till I realised he had no wings. Turns out it is a massive hairy ant. He was chilled as anything though, probably cos he knows he’s boss
Jew on Grass
Taking sneaky pics of birds when they’re not looking
Here we are digging a huge hole at the edge of the site to place a post to stand the house on.
The starting team
The evening of the ceremony. Where everyone thanks the land and wishes the owner good fortune. A lot of people from the local village were there and we all said something and buried an item which will remain under the house
Making a fire at the ceremony
Every morning we get to the site at 7am. It is light but the sun hasn’t come over the mountain. Every day is different and the weather changes rapidly throughout the day and the landscape remains incredible as a result
The architect with his final plans
Another amazing morning, just after the sun had come up
The hill to the site is really steep. One of the local builders has an old beetle. There are 5 of us in there, driving down really steep winding dirt roads. If we started to slip and went of the road we would roll for a very long time. When we go round the steepest corners he pulls the handbrake fully, and it slows us down enough to take the corner….and the tyres have very little tread. This is a photo of a moment in this car
Is it a house? Is it a mountain? no…its a giant cock.

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