A 2 week Workaway has turned in to 5 months

Before I came to Brazil I planned to do Workaways to make up for the fact that I had just approx $750 per month for food, accomodation, travel and sight-seeing, drinking, partying etc etc. I also wanted to learn about home farming, eco building and various other skills which would allow me to be self sufficient in the future.

So I applied to a few and arranged my first one for a few days after I arrived in Brazil. The plan was to work for a couple of weeks, digging foundations at an eco-project, learn a bit about the beginning stages of building an eco house, get a tan, loose some weight, then go back to the beaches in Rio and strut around with a six-pack.


But I have just had a meeting with the owner and been accepted to work here for 5 months, so my whole trip will be put on hold for the time being, which is awesome.

I have been given the opportunity to learn Portuguese, learn all the techniques for building an eco house by hand (a proper course to learn this would cost about $3000+), and live in a really nice little village in Brazil for a while. In the longer-term there are opportunities to join the project in bigger ways but that is for the future.

Me and the building manager have found a car to buy so we can take weekend trips with the other volunteers. One of the builders took us out to an awesome bar last night where we had a fair few beers, some sharing beef/chips, and assorted spirit drinks, and it only cost $15 between us. I have spent about $60 since being here (over 2 weeks), and that has all been on beer and cookies so I could do without that even.

So at the moment life is good, travel is delayed, and…thats it


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