Detailed break down of a (relatively) cheapo month in Brazil 

I have a feeling this month will be cheap and the place I am at is amazing so I’m going to do a break down (This was written at the beginning of the month)

It is now the end of the month and I have spent a lot more than planned but I have also done a hell of a lot more than planned. I even did one of the bucket list items (a favela party, although it was a bit tame so I’m gonna go to a better one at some point)

Spent: 1100 R$ (£225. $345)

Best bits:

  • Hike to waterfall
  • Couch surf in Friburgo 
  • Local bar in Cardinot
  • Learning to build furniture 
  • Ipanema 
  • Favela party
  • Lapa night out 
  • Private bbq sauna 
  • Painting a house in the favela and painting in Lapa 
  • Drunk in Lapa 2

I am doing a Workaway so my food and board is provided. In exchange I’ll be working 8 hours a day in the week (usually 4-5 hours for normal workaways but this one is 8)

Day 1. 0 R$ – taken lots of awesome photos, hiked up a hill to a waterfall 

Day 2. 25R$ – Built 4 beds for the new workawayers. Money was for comfort items: chocolate and beer. 

Day 3. 0 R$ – watched fish at the lake. 

Day 4/5. 0 R$ – odd jobs around the project

Day 6. 6.50 R$ – out shopping for materials for the project. Spent money on beer & nail clippers 

Day 7. 0 R$ 

Day 8. 0 R$ – up at 6 for work. buried pipes under the road for drainage. Spent the morning getting laughed at by Brazilian builders  who found my complete lack of Portuguese very amusing. Working on it. Afternoon digging, exhuasting, 12 hour day. Weekend tomorrow. 

Day 9. 105 R$ – 10 on buses, 75 on massive dinner and beers, 20 on an ‘artisan beer’. Went for a hike to the top of a huge hill/mountain with a couch surf host. 

Day 10. 8.50 R$ – 3.50 on the bus, 5 on M&M’s and pineapple juice. 

Day 11. 0 R$ – started digging foundations today. Probably gonna be doing this for the next 4 days

Day 12. 0 R$ – digging foundations 

Day 13. 0 R$ – 

Day 14. 0 R$ – 

Day 15. 5 R$ – money was spent on cochinas (dumpling type chicken amazingness) I should have spent an extra 12 on a night out but David paid for the drinks. We had 2×1 litre bottle of itaipava, at least three if not more 600ml beers, and two spirit drinks, as well as sharing food, at a really cool little bar by the road and it cost just 50R$ (about £10) between 4. 

Day 16. 0 R$ – We’ve been waking up at 6 every morning. As a result, even though today is Saturday and I had no alarm set, I woke up at 5:59 

Day 17. 0 R$ – sunbathed and read book at quiet spot away from house. Had the house to myself so I built an extension for the kitchen counter. David had built a few items for the house and had showed me how to do it


Day 18. 0 R$ – 

Day 19. 0 R$ – 

Day 20. 0 R$ – 

Day 21. 50 R$ – money spent on SIM card and replacement part for housemates bike that I broke

Day 22. 200 R$ – got a lift to Rio. Went on a free tour. Went out to Lapa for the night. Some money spent on travel, most on food.

Day 23. 240R$ – went to Ipanema, went to favela part till 6am. 


Day 24. 60 R$ – travel back to friburgo 

Day 25. 0 R$ – 

Day 26. 0 R$ – 

Day 27. 0 R$ – 

Day 28. 0 R$ – 

Day 29. 30 R$ – Friday evening the housemates went to a private sauna. You bring your own meat and they cook it for you. Invite only. No double entendres, literally it was a bbq with beer and a sauna and the guy only let friends in. 

Day 30. 300 R$ – 120 on paint the rest on a night out 


Day 31. 70 R$ – travel back to Friburgo 

My monthly budget is £500 which is about 80R$ per day so anything less than that is top banana

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