Pros and cons of travelling long term 

Gonna update this as I go…


– When you are making food for everyone and you drop something and carry on using it you are not judged. In fact if you don’t pick it up then you get a crowd of people shouting at you to grab it quickly

– There is no such thing as ‘scuse fingers’. Handing someone food with your hands is normal.

– Learning a language is easy if you put in the time (I have got to a basic conversational level in Brazilian Portuguese after two months)

– You meet a lot of nutters and misfits and if you fit that description you find yourself fitting in

– Do a natural building project for a few months and loose loads of weight. No need for gym

– Pretty much everyone you meet has a really interesting story about how they ended up in front of you.

– Apart from friends weddings and stag dos and your mums birthday your diary becomes empty and redundant. You have a list of things you want to do over the next few weeks and nothing is booked till you arrive at the travel desk

– You meet older people who are still laughing at farts and realise that life is gonna be fun forever

– You gain homes and friends around the world and know that wherever you have been you will have a place to stay or a friend to visit.


– You have to figure out how you’re getting to Poland from South America for your mates stag do because it will be one of the best weekends you ever have

– You miss major family events fairly regularly

– Its fairly easy to make far too many plans and end up not actually doing any of them, kinda like being immortal

– Saying bye to people you have been with for a while sucks


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