Getting Rio Done

We have a 2.5 week break from the building site so I decided to fit my Brazil tourism in to this space.


Dois Irmaos

I arrived on the Saturday afternoon and we pretty much immediately went up to Dois Irmaos. This is a very famous trek in Rio which is accessed through the back of Favela Vidigal, where Angelica lives. On the way up we saw Rochina which is the biggest favela in Rio, maybe Brazil I am not sure. From the top you could see for miles and the view is only rivalled by the Christ mountain, but this was free and only took an hour or so to get up so fuck off Jesus ya prick

I believe we went out during the evening as we did pretty much every night. The whole week from Saturday to Thursday was spent drinking heavily in the evenings and trying to get up before 1pm to do daytime stuff. We managed to do everything we wanted but never really managed to get up before midday, I blame the lack of natural light in Angelicas room, mixed with the bottles of red wine and beer we seemed to be able to get through every day, and the lack of desire to get up before midday.  

On the Sunday me and Angelica went to the Leblon street art festival and saw some live music. We got a recommendation from a local graffiti writer that in Brazil you can basically paint whatever walls you like as long as you do something nice. I’m always wary when people are so gung ho about telling someone to do something illegal but I really wanted to paint a nice piece so we did it anyway. We went to a huge clean wall on a main road in between Ipanema and Vidigal and painted a really nice piece. Every time police drove past we both shit ourselves but none of them stopped, lots of people stopped to watch and take photos though.   

I think it was the Monday we went up to Christ the redeemer. As with pretty much every tourist attraction I have been to it was shit, mainly because there were so many people and you could barely move, maybe I hate people. 

As your an see below, despite it being really crowded , people still felt the need to spread their arms and block the way for everyone else. Apparently it’s what Jesus would do  
We hiked from the very bottom, not wanting to pay for the van, not quite knowing how far it was and wanting to enjoy the scenery on the way up. The walk was beautiful and we didn’t get robbed as popular opinion would have you believe. We begrudgingly bought our tickets for £8 or whatever and headed on for the final hike. It took ages and after a while one of the vans stopped and let us jump in. We must have looked tired today because we were offered three free lifts over the course of the day. 

We got in to the Christ bit just before sunset and the skies were amazing, the statue was tall and I liked the shape but there was so many people rammed in there that you could barely move. We left after about ten minutes. 

Our final tourist visit was to the Picasso exhibition and it did not disappoint at all. I thought it was just his sketches but there was a fair few paintings too and they were all incredible. Being able to see an original Picasso, Dali and others up close was special. Not gonna lie though, my painting was better to stand next to, ere it is.

After one more night of red wine and beer I headed by myself to the bus station to go to São Paulo. 

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get there till after midday and the first bus I could book was at 14:45 so I am now on the bus due to arrive at 9pm I think. I don’t have a hostel booked and I have no idea where anything is, so I guess something interesting is gonna happen. 

Reasons for not planning properly leaving:

1. I don’t know where the bus is due to arrive so could have ended up booking a hostel on the other side of the city

2. In my head I thought ‘get to São Paulo, get a bus marked ‘central’ and get off when it gets touristy, walk around looking for a hostel. I can ask people now and may be able to understand their answers so I should be ok

3. Commitment issues

When I realised it was going to be dark and a bit late by the time I arrived I decided to get an energy drink and a bottle of wine to try to reduce the inevitable stress that was coming my way.   


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