Surf e Futebol no Florianopolis

Note to self: come back here with friends or family and money and enjoy the food surf and hotels properly

My first day in Florianopolis was pretty fun. I arrived at the hostel and got an invite to go surfing with someone who worked there, but when they found out I hadn’t ever had lessons they recommended I did that first. 

So I went to the beach, booked on to a lesson an hour later and waited around on the beautiful, quiet, relatively clean Florianopolis beach. 

The lesson was awesome, no one else was booked on so I was basically getting a private session. I managed to stand up on my third wave and I was standing up and nearly getting to the shore on most goes. This was on a massive, very floaty long board though so I don’t think it’s that much of an achievement. I want to try one of the shorter boards for sure, not only because they make you look cooler…but because you look way cooler.

Afterwards I was chatting to some Americans and sat with them whilst they ate lunch. I had already had rice and raisins before my lesson so I was set till dinner (bought rice so I didn’t have to buy food, bought raisins as I don’t really like them so will only eat when hungry. If I buy a pack of nuts for example i will eat them till they’re gone, true story). 

They invited me to play football with them on the beach and assured me that they were also crap so we could all go and be crap together. 

After about 5 minutes playing, some Brazilian kids came and asked I they could join. The English/dickhead in me just wanted to tell them to go away but the Americans let them play. The two lads were about 11, one was fairly obese and the other seemed competent enough, then there was their 8 yr old (or younger) looking sister who they asked if she could join too. She just ran around in circles near the ball and everyone just tried to avoid booting her instead of the ball. 
A few minutes later a couple more older kids (14 maybe) came and joined in. I feel this is pretty standard for Brazil and it was kind of cool. I was in goal and not a lot was getting past and I started to get pretty confident. 
In my head things started happening along these lines:

‘Holy crap I’m actually quite good! Some dude told me that a great way to make friends anywhere in the world is to play football but I never thought I was good enough but shit I’m REALLY good.’ 

I was saving all sorts of shots and I was sure I was the best person on the pitch.

Then the guys at the other end of the pitch asked to mix up our players and have a game. I was the first to get picked, they definitely all thought I was the best, now I know how beckham felt playing football at school.

I was ready for anything, sure these guys were 17/18+ but I was David Seaman (the only good goalie I know the name of). 

We started to play and within minutes I realised my confidence was very much unwarranted. Their first attack resulted in one of the quick ones belting the ball right past my face as hard as he could. This immediately shattered my confidence and brought me back to earth, maybe I’m not the next David Seaman, maybe judging my skill level by my ability to stop shots from 12 year olds was ill advised, maybe I should concentrate on not looking like a twat and fluffing anything rather than assuming I can save everything, damage limitation, I’ve never felt so much pressure since being in Brazil, maybe my life 


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