Bucketlist: Hummingburrrd

This is just a minor one but it was on my bucket list to photograph a bunch of animals. When I got here and realised how hard it was to photograph hummingbirds, I changed the bucket list from: photograph bla bla, to: see bla.

There are so many hummingbirds here but as soon as I get my camera out they are gone. So the other day I decided to sit by the tree which they seem to like, and wait.

After about 3 minutes one showed up and I shot it. So I changed the bucket list back and decided to stop being so lazy

A little about hummingbirds…they are small. And here, because it is so quiet, I often hear them buzzing before I can see them. One afternoon there was about 5 of them buzzing round the orange tree at our volunteer house. Usually they seem to be a dark green colour, which sucks because they look dark in photos. End of facts


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