NYE Copacobana

This years we spent New Years at Copacobana beach. Before new years a friend had asked me what I was doing, and said something along the lines of – I assume you will be going to the fireworks on the beach…

I had no idea about these fireworks and as I am generally not that interested in NYE, I left the planning up to Angelica. In the lead up to NYE the plans were changing almost daily and the final plan we settled on was a party on the beach right in front of the fireworks. We had got tickets to a party where you bring a bottle of vodka, give it to the bar, and get free drinks all night. It was ok, and right in front of the fireworks, but it was literally just an area, cordened off with black and yellow tape and sticks, and a bar in the middle.


Anyway we took some beers and headed to the stage area to see one of my favourite Brazilian musicians – Jorge Ben. We arrived after a couple of songs and got bored pretty quickly as it was rammed. Loads of kids were out stealing phones (a friend was somewhere in copacobana and mentioned there were arrastaos every 30 minutes), and the music wasn´t as good as I thought it would be, so we left. Really I just wanted to see my favourite song – Chove Chuva:

But I didnt get to see him play it. And unfortunately, when we were half way back to the party he started playing this:

SO…..we failed big time.

Anyway the night was pretty good, and just before the sun came up we left the dirty, crowded Copacobana and started walking to Ipanema. I will remember this journey for a long time as trip where Angelica kept me laughing non stop for about 4 or 5 hours…

We got there just as the sun was rising and lay on the beach watching till it was day time (it looked a lot like the image below but I didnt have a camera so this image is from the internet. The beach was pretty empty till about 10am then it started to fill slowly). After a while it got pretty hot and so Angelica lay at the waters edge on the sand bank, so that when the waves came in, they would reach her waist. It was like something out of a film…until a big wave came in a crashed straight in to her and pulled her halfway down the bank in to the sea…



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