Ayuascha 2 and 3. Rio de Janeiro

After going to my first Ayuascha session a while ago, I knew I wanted to do it regularly. It is normal for people who drink the tea, to go to sessions every two weeks, and many people have been doing it for years. After moving to Rio in October though, I hadnt managed to get to any sessions as they are usually in remote places and need some organisation to get to.

But on Wednesday this week I got a text in the afternoon from someone in the language school, as I was on my way home, asking if I wanted to go to a session that evening in the nearby city Niteroi.

It took us about 2 or 3 hours to get to and we arrived at about 7:30pm. It was out in a quiet rural location, in a church in the forest. We had our introductions and went to take our first drink. The taste was awful as usual and after we went to sit in the church, luckily I was right in the back corner so I could really relax and get in to it. There was even a window right next to me in case I needed to jump out and be sick…which I didnt. well done me.

So the trip started to slowly kick in about an hour later. First of all it was just shadows swaying and the wrinkles on peoples clothes warping and moving. Then it slowly got more and more intense to the point where the whole building was moving up and down like a ship, occasionally shifting like a transformer. It was pretty awsome. At the peak of the trip I felt like I left my body and drifted forward in the room, I forgot about being itchy or uncomfortable on the chair and was completely free of physical self for I don´t know how long. Anyway when i eventually rejoined my body I realised I was about to dribble so I wiped the spit off my lip and rearranged myself in my seat

Anyway after the inital trip I had a bit of time to think. The drink really helps me (and I think most people) just accept stuff. So if anything is going wrong in your life, or anything in the past too, you just accept it, accept it is there and you either deal with it or let it keep adding negative influence on your life. People have told me revelations and apiphanies that they have during the sessions, that would take months or years of counselling to get over.

For me, during this session, I realised that I need to stop trying to fix everything. Stop trying to make my life perfect, stop being annoyed about not having a job, getting stressed about arguments, and just accept that they happen and they don´t need to be fixed or eliminated. Most days are good and happy and I am living in Rio, with my beautiful wifey, i pass by beautiful beaches and mountains on my way to school and get sun pretty much every day. In my head, the revelation was summed up with the following phrase, which at the time I thought was pretty profound and groundbreaking, now its kind of just a simple summary: stop trying to fix everything because everything is already perfect…

The singing in this session was INCREDIBLE too, and I would go back just for that. The session was just song, prayer, song, prayer all the way through, with very little quiet time. It was a long way away but I would return if I could hear that singing again. The power in the main womans voice was incredible and the dude who said the prayers had a really cool voice which I loved listening to despite the fact I couoldn´t concentrate enough to keep up with what he was saying.

Straight after the session I mentioned about my revelations to Clint, who I had gone with. He is a very sucessful life coach from San Francisco, and a very informed guy. I told him I need to stop trying to fix things and he turned to me with a big grin and gave me a high five. He told me ´well done, some people go their whole lives without realising that´…. so that was a pretty awesome thing to hear.

For me thats why this tea is so important. You can have realisations that would otherwise never appear or take many years at least.

The next session didn´t start out so positively…





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