Barcelona II

I’m  writing this post mainly because I’m bored. To take up some time on a day I tried to fill with ‘cultural’ visits, and to remember how much of a depressive synic I am. Maybe in the future I’ll look back and laugh, maybe I’ll look back and still think the same thing. 

I got up about 09:30 after being kept up between 4-7am by the drunk French kids in the hostel room. Ted got on a bus to the airport and I decided to visit the rest of the sites on the tourist map which we hadn’t managed to see. 

I started with the Terracotta Army exhibition. The video at the start was good but to be honest, after seeing one statue there wasn’t much more interest. Again, like the Christ statue and the pyramids, I can say I saw them, but not much more.   

When I took Ted to see the Christ statue he was so happy. Genuinely loved it. I don’t understand that. I went three times and every time was the same. Ok cool, it’s big. 

I wondered around a bit more and decided to visit the Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona. Again I arrived, and kind of thought what’s the point. It’s big, looks nice, but after 10 seconds it’s time to move on. I sat at an artificial lake watching people take selfies with their selfie sticks, or with their arms if they were long enough, pulling their best selfie face, checking the photo, then taking it again, people rowing round in plastic boats, seemingly having a good time.   

I’m glad I don’t have to spend much time in Europe and would probably leave for India now if I hadn’t arranged meets along the way. 

Next up was a fountain. It had a gold statue in it and loads of greenery growing on it, so that looked cool. No phone memory though so maybe i can find a photo online   

On to the next stop: the beach. It’s an artificial beach as it goes. 

I walked along for a bit, realised I was still angry at everything and turned back. Got two beers and a sandwich and sat to think. To think about why today was so shit. After the two beers I started to try and think of some more positives. I decided to distract myself by thinking of how this place could be good. So here is what I came up with: 

If I was here with Angelica/friends and a skateboard it would be awesome. The food is good/cheap and everywhere is so smooth and skateable. The beaches wouldn’t be so boring with friends, it’s overcast though so at the moment there isn’t much point in being here. 

I think for me a city needs to be a place I live for at least a month in order for me to like it. When Ted visited me in Rio for a week I managed to fill up the whole time with stuff to see and do, and not even many nights out getting drunk. Those things he wouldn’t have seen having visited without me and he loved every minute. I don’t really know how it would be possible to see those things without a local taking you round so right now it’s just a deflated feeling that I have, that I haven’t seen any of this city apart from what’s on the tourist map. This was compounded when the guy working in the hostel said how there was always something to do, and I believed him, but I haven’t seen it. Plan for the future maybe- get a walking tour then get friendly with the guide and get them to show me round as a mate rather than a paying customer. 

 Thailand was a place I could visit and love immediately but it seems that cities and many other places I visited (Rio included at first) are just no fun to visit and see breifly. I can feel the cheapness and way of life here seems so different in a good way, from London for example, but visiting for a few days and just picking off the tourist sites really feels shallow and almost pointless (except sagrada familia…that was sicko

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