Roma I & II

RomaDay 1

I feel compelled to write, as I am seeing so much right now. I arrived in Rome last night and instantly felt on a high. I got off the plane, picked up my bag and walked with a skip to the bus terminal to catch the bus to near the hostel. It all felt so easy and it was. For once nothing was gong wrong whilst navigating unknown transit systems. 

The route from the airport to the main bus terminal was about 40 minutes. At first the areas looked so deprived; litter everywhere, graffiti everywhere (loved it), run down buildings, hookers wearing barely anything and some people posting fly posters. I think I have underestimated the diversity in culture and surroundings across Europe and I am glad I have come to appreciate it again because of Rome. For example Barcelona was made up in a ‘blocks’ layout which leads to really boring walks and exploration, some buildings are nice to look at but the square after square after square is pretty dull. 

Rome is the absolute opposite, the streets are all ancient I guess and are just all over the place. It makes it more difficult to navigate but 100 times more interesting.   

At every turn you see some ancient house or huge memorial building and it’s incredible. I never knew how many there were, I kind of assumed you would be waking between the monuments and mainly see modern buildings. 

As for being by myself I am quite enjoying it. The last hostel was very social and that was cool, as the people there were very nice, the staff and guests included. But the hostel I am at now doesn’t seem so social, apart from at the 24hr bar underneath, full of karaoke, young people, drunk people, people. But that’s all good as there is so much to see, and with my new camera and a bag of paint I am fully occupied. 

Day 2

I wake up around 8 and head to the next hostel. Never gonna book a party hostel again. It wasn’t that it was loud, in fact everyone in my room was really quiet and considerate, but the common area was the 24hr bar which seemed to be constantly playing loud music, and attracting the drunkest of Romes visitors. 

I arrive at the exit hostel and it’s clear this is a good place. The reception kitchen and a place to chill are right there and the rooms are really nice. They even have a computer so maybe I can write a post on there instead of my phone. 

I check my bank balance, get shocked at how little I have left and how I have spent two months budget in the last month already….so I head to the supermarket for today’s food, no pizza for me today. The pizza and sandwiches here have all been amazing for the record. I think I’ll just buy one more dinner out: some sort of pasta, then I’ll live on cheap food for the rest of the time. 

Back to more important things, I have just come out of the Vatican. I was weighing up whether to go. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give my money to the pope and his gang. But after having been I don’t regret it. 

The scale of the buildings is like nothing I have seen, the art is incredible and the last room was beyond belief. It did make me wonder why there are any starving Christians anywhere in the world when the Vatican is sitting on this goldmine but hey, that’s for god to decide I guess. 

I also realised near the end that my camera wasn’t working, so that’s one wasted film from my first day in Rome, but I think it works now so hopefully all is well in that respect. 

It is Thursday afternoon now and I have booked my room for the next two nights. I think I’ll paint tonight, maybe find a tour tomorrow and figure out how to get to Pompeii, train I guess. 



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