Roma III

Roma Day IIII decided to wake up late on my last day here as I have seen most of the stuff I wanted to see, and I have another night which I technically don’t need. 

I started out going to something which I found on ‘Atlas Obscura’ (a place to find stuff off the tourist maps). And the thing that took my interest was a crypt. There was one photo of it online and I knew I wanted to go. 

I went, thinking I would have to ask a nun if I could have a quick look round the crypt, promising not to take photos. But it turns out it is a convent-turned-museum. And you go in, pay 8 euros and have a look round. 

The first bit is a museum, words on the walls and artefacts. I tried to read the first one but soon realised I was 100% not interested in these paintings and objects, and just wanted to see the rooms decorated with monks bones. 

So I walked through quickly and reached the crypts. 

It was by far the most macabre thing I have ever seen. There were about 5 arches like the photo, each one decorated in a unique but similar style with the bones of the monks, best to research it to find out why. The poses of the full skeletons were haunting at times, and a lot of them had some sort of skin still on their skulls. 

My heart was pounding a lot of the time and when I caught site of a pattern made solely from jaw bones it almost made me jump. I stood and stared for some minutes at each of the rooms, really contemplating life.  

On a plaque on the first room it said something like ‘once we were like you, and one day you will be like us’. The whole place was scary but incredible, and there weren’t many people there so I could appreciate it. 

I spent most of the rest of the day wondering around and happened to spot an amazing building on an adjacent street, which turned out to be the Basilica, and it was incredible. From the outside I was like WOW, and after contemplating (but before actually knowing what building it was) whether to go in I did. The buildings here can be summed up literally with every expression you can think of. I walked in an my jaw dropped, literally my mouth was open. The Romans went BIG and even though I was only there a few minutes it was still like :0 wuhhhht. There were a bunch of other expressions I remember re enacting literally but I can’t actually remember them now. 

I spent the rest of the day wondering, and now I’m at a restaurant eating a pizza looking at the coliseum, preparing for an early night.    



  1. Loving reading your blogs again Tom. Makes me want to brave the plane journey and go to Rome. Take care and have a great time love Lynn xx


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