Pompeii or not Pompei that is the question

Today was a mixed day, we had planned to go and hike to the top of Vesuvius but when we found out the bus was 20 Euros rather than 5 we decided to reconsider, especially since the ruins and all museums were free today as it was the first Sunday of the month.

So we went to Pompeii, the famous amazing Pompeii. The overcrowded, really pants Pompeii.    We were there for about an hour before the queuesa and the old people jabbing us in the back got too much. It was just ruins after all and it wasnt worth stress in any way. Loads of it was shut off shich is fine as they are still working on it obviously but the whole palce seemed a bit of a dump. There were weeds growing everywhere and barely any information written down to describe what you were looking at.       Before I went to Pompeii many people had told me to go to Ercolano so we decieded to head there next. and it did not disappoint. If you want to go to Pompeii, dont, go to Ercolano. It is much better maintained than Pompeii and has far less people, it also has skeletons. 
 I should probably write this post when I am a little less tired but I have an actual computer at this hostel so I am taking advantage, although it is incredibly slow so actualy my phone may have been better. Any I feel I have got my moneys worth in Italy.

I probably wont do the Vesuvius hike and tomorrow I am off to Naples, to try and figure out how to get to Poland


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