Napoli Florence

I am kind of skipping from place to place at the moment as I am just trying to get to Poland for Jakes stag do. I have just arrived in Florence after a 7 hour bus journey, which I liked. Not only was it just 7 pounds but it was nice to see the landscape between the two places I am visiting. I think I will stick to buses in Europe from now on, no more flying.

Napoli was a really cool place, I was just there from yesterday midday to this morning, so I had a wonder round the city, and got a Napoletana pizza. That was all I really wanted to do. There were various historical sites to be seen, and I tried to get to some underground caves things under the city but couldnt find them in time. I feel I have taken on enough history for a while though after being to Rome.

So now I am in Florence, I had a quick wonder round the streets near the hostel, not wanting to get lost as I am pretty tired still. I managed to find a really cheap Chinese restaurant for dinner which was perfect… tofu, rice and vegetables. My stomach needs a break from sandwiches, pizza and pasta…although I did eat two sandwiches on the way here…

Europe is kind of what I expected in terms of a travelling experience. You meet people at the hostel you are at, for the time you are at that hostel, you visit sites generally by yourself, and move on to the next place when you are done. The chances of meeting someone going to the same place as you are low. This is fine for me for now but to be honest I am getting a bit bored of the constant moving. I want to find a volunteer project and stay for a few weeks. I am thinking Greece maybe after I have been in Poland with Jake.

Today has made me realise how lucky I am in some ways. This morning I woke up with plans to go to Rome for a night and then figure out where to go next. But after looking on Google Maps I decided to head a bit further north to get here, to Florence instead. So I booked a bus ticket and went. Being able to have that freedom is really nice and that in itself is making the trip really worthwhile.

I think tomorrow I will go to Pisa to see the leaning tower as it is about an hour and a half away, then get an overnight bus to somewhere slightly closer to Poland, looks like Munich is the next stop…this is tiring



  1. Go to il Latini- amazing steak place in Florence and it’s pretty cheap for the best steak of your life.. Also thanks for the recycling box, looks great! Xx


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