Florence I want this moment to last some time. I am sitting outside a Chinese restaurant, people watching. I don’t know why but I am at complete peace and very happy, just sitting here, eating really nice food and watching the world go by. So many people walk past, take a glance at the restaurant, slow down, wander in circles a bit, check their phone, then walk away. I want to tell them how good the food is but don’t. Their loss I suppose.

The last three meals I have had have been vegetarian and I have really liked it. My conscience feels clearer and the meals have been really good. It was a conscious effort and I nearly went to a steak restaurant that Kate recommended tonight, but as it was too expensive I had a wander round and found this place. The initial draw was the guy eating a Thai dish from a bowl made from half a pineapple. I was half sold at this point. I looked at the restaurant: nice decor, and looked at the menu: good prices. So I sat down and waited ten seconds (good start) to be attended by a waiter. 

The area is quite touristic, with lots of English speaking people walking by, but it is nice. The walk from the hotel to the place Kate recommended was through narrow stone streets, and was lined with small, very expensive looking restaurants. 

Another random note. I haven’t seen a single Starbucks since being in Italy…everywhere I have been in the world, there are McDonald’s, usually Burger King, and Starbucks. It is so nice not to see Starbucks and especially in such a coffee-savvy country. 

I have booked a bus for Kraków tomorrow, leaving at 14:00 and arriving at 9:30 the following morning. I have a hotel with my own room tonight which I needed, shared rooms are ok for meeting people but I can never fully relax so after two weeks or whatever it is I feel I deserved it. 

Today I went to the leaning tower of Pisa. It was at a serious angle and cool to see. There were some other nice buildings around it but I didn’t take much time to read in to the history. I was happy having seen it. The train ride there and back were about 1.5 hours each and through really nice scenery. I think I got lucky seeing Italy in spring (I think??) and the train journeys have been beautiful. I would take the train everywhere but it is always a lot more expensive than the bus so I choose price generally. Either way, both are better than planes so I feel I’m getting a good deal


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