For the next month I’ll be at a place (Peć in Hungary) with only ‘a cable’ for Internet. I assume this means that one needs a device that receives said cable, namely a laptop, which I don’t have, so hopefully I won’t have internet for the time I am there. 
I have been in Budapest at Jess’ flat for the last few days and it has been really nice. Nice to have a big space to keep my stuff, nice to be in a really cool city which is really cheap, nice not to pay rent and spend money on eating good food, nice not to feel pressure to go see city sites because people in the hostel will think I am weird sitting in my room all day doing nothing, nice to just chill, learn more Swedish and Portuguese, and stay with a friend. 

I realised I shouldn’t be trying to get round all the sites in the cities I visit, just because they’re there and you’re meant to, and instead do the things I enjoy. I considered doing a bus tour today to fill the time whilst jess was at school but after looking at the map I realised it just passed a load of buildings and bridges I had already seen whilst walking, and I didn’t want to pay what is a lot of money here, for that experience. 

So I am going to this Eco project for a month to do some building, live for free out in the countryside and just get away from everything for a while. 

Budapest has been the best city I have been to in terms of just being myself, and it’s because I’ve been able to stay with a friend. 

The Brazil Eco project was the most enriching and personally developing part of my first year so I am looking forward to another month, and this project sounds way more basic (they offered me a tent, or place with a roof, and we are starting by building our kitchen). 

So my family all have contact details for the place I am staying so I.C.E get hold of them

Peace love and vegan kebabs


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