All my friends are getting married

 …and I’m hanging around outside an old mans house waiting for him to invite me to the party


Me and another volunteer decided to go on a walk a couple of days ago. It was late afternoon when we left and we walked to the closest town which was about 40 minutes away. Nothing was open as it was a weekday at 18:30 so we turned back. 

About half way back we passed a building which had music playing when we walked past earlier. It looked like a trout farm and we stood outside looking in. 

After a couple of minutes an old man came out and shouted something at us, seemingly angry about something. 

We tried to act out ‘we’re just looking, sorry, don’t kill us and feed us to fish’.

He carried on shouting something and then started to gesture us in through the gate. It appeared we were being invited in by a local. How exciting

We had pretty much zero common language. Me and Kimber knew the Hungarian for ‘yes, no, and thank you’. So we might be ok.   

He showed us some trout in a bath tub, some sheep sheds, which he described by making a sheep noise, followed by an incredible laugh, then he took us inside to his house. 

He took us to the front room which seemed to be set up for a party, with two long tables either side filled with plates and glasses…and then there was a single bed in the middle. All a bit strange…because of the bed I guess. 

Worth mentioning at this point that (as anyone who knows me will probably guess) this sort of stuff doesn’t usually happen to me, but Kimber told me this stuff has happened to her a fair amount. 

Travel perks of being a girl appear to be: get invited to locals houses more often. Downsides: occasionally they want to have sex with you. Anyway this old dude was giving Kimber some really long stares which we both noticed. It was ok though, he was drunk and free alcohol was probably coming soon 

Certificates lined the walls, which turned out to be awards for the wine he makes. 

The first drink he brought out was a Palinka, which is the local fruit spirit, very strong, and in this case, quite nice. We had a shot each, which finished the bottle. Next he brought a bottle of his wine, in a old thick glass garaffe. Like something out of the hobbit. The wine was incredible and we finished that bottle pretty quickly. 

It’s probably worth noting that a few minutes before arriving at old mans house, we had both expressed our hunger and started thinking about what to make back at the house. So within a short space of time we were really drunk. 

We managed to use google translate and hand gestures to get him to bring us some food. 

He left the room and a few minutes returned with a small plate each. Containing a chorizo style sausage, slice of bread, and a spring onion. He showed us to dip the spring onion in the salt pot and eat it raw, or add some bread if you like, of course. This felt like a real Eastern European treat… 

Half way through the wine bottle he brought out a second spirit. He said schnapps but I’m not sure what it was. Seemed like a cherry spirit. No where near as nice as the previous but I finished it. I really wanted to drink this guy under the table as I felt like I was doing well. He had already stumbled and dropped something and I was feeling pretty sure of myself still. He was 70, granted, but he probably drinks more regularly than me so his tolerance should be higher. So it feels like a good match. 

After a while though Kimber hinted at wanting to leave and although I would have liked to get pass out drunk with this guy, it was getting late and there’s only so much you can communicate with ‘yes, no, thank you’ data had run out so google translate was no longer of use. 

We walked home very drunk but happy we had had our first local invite. 

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