Got a plan, Stan 

I wanted to keep notes saved about a plan I have for June/July. So I’m gonna use this post to keep all the info as its updated

Walking Montenegro to Greece

I am walking from Montenegro to Greece to raise money for unicef and their support for Syrian children caught in the refugee crisis.

I do not have a specific distance to cover however I will be walking for two months (June and July) and hope to cover 26 miles every three days.

I am not doing any training beforehand and haven’t made route plans, I’ll just be using a map along the way

I have a low food budget as I want to keep costs down, I have a nice hammock to sleep in so accommodation costs should be low or non existent most of the time.

I want the challenge to be related in some way to the crisis which is why I chose to walk for a long time, I chose the two points as I’ll be in Montenegro at the end of May anyway, and I wanted to go to Greece, as well as Greece being an important location for the migrants.

I do not want this challenge to seem like I am trying to replicate their struggle, I just wanted it to be relevant in some way.


Distance: middle of each country point to point is approx 500 miles

Aim: 13 miles per day, two days on one day off. 65 miles per week

Time: 8 and a bit weeks available (June-July with some days before and after)

Achievable distance: 520 miles (20 marathons….which sounds rad. “20marathons in 2 months has a ring to it)

Backpack: approx 12kg

Budget: £1.50 per day for food (flexible if completely unachievable)

Note* I spent €2 at a supermarket today and bought the food below. So I think it is achievable   

Accommodation: hammock, couch surf, streets, wherever possible.

Reason: raise money for Syrian child refugees, for UNICEF


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