Today me and Jess went white water rafting on the river Tara near to the camp site. We are staying in a secluded little site with amazing wooden chalet type buildings as accomodation.

We had booked a tiny tent type hut for £2 each per night but I guess as theres no one else really here they let us have a private room in a large chalet so that was a huge win.

They feed us huge hot dinners here and a large beer is just £1.50 so we are doing ok.

The rafting today was amazing. Not only was it scary and rough at times but the surrounding scenery was incredible. We were in a HUGE canyon/valley with lush forests up either side. The water was so clear and a beautiful turquoise colour…I think photos are all this really needs. I took a couple of photos on my film camera so when they are developed Ill add them

Tara River Rafting 1
This photo is from but it sums up the rafting pretty well

Yesterday I think it was, we were at The Black Lake. We had booked a night at a beautiful ski lodge which  the owner had built by hand. The stair cases and banisters were made from whole tree trunks, winding up between the floors.

The main attraction of this place was the black lake, which is surrounded by incredible mountains. I’m tired, last night we slept in a car park and it was so cold, here is a picture


Our last stop was at Lake Skadar which is a MASSIVE lake, called Skadar. We went to a winery and tried some incredible reds, and burny spirits. We ended up buying a load and leaving with armfuls of wine. Without a doubt it was the best red I have ever had, and it was nice to learn about wine. They say the Montengran wine is stronger than wines from around the world, and made with more its better. I liked it whatever the story was.

I bought two bottles. One for me and Jess that night, one for Jess to take back to the UK for my family. Unfortunately I got drunk and we drank them both, as well  as one of Jess’. We were sharing with a couple of other guests at the hotel though so we weren’t too drunk. However sorry mum and dad. No wine for you. It was really nice though. Thought that counts etc.

Tomorrow I head to Podgorica for last minute supplies for my walk. Then tomorrow afternoon I guess I get going. I am nervous, however I am already planning future challenges. Life is good.

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