Fish n Chips

Today (May26) was me and Jess’ last full day in Montenegro together. Its been really fun and even though we had a lot a long bus journeys, and lack of sleep situations, we never killed each other, or argued, just a few punches and slaps. Its been great.

Today we had an incredible fish and chips. Or krap and chips as it is called here (carp is krap). We hired a kayak each and paddled for about an hour and a half to find a restaurant we had been told about. We were giving up and getting tired and as we drew closer to a building, neither of us wanted to believe it was the fabled establishment till we were 100% sure.

From a distance I saw a woman sitting. Good start. As I got closer I saw a man with about 8 fishing rods, and he started to beckon us around something. I didn’t understand exactly what so carried on paddling towards the building (I later found out I was paddling through his fishing nets). As i got closer I saw a huge wine rack and finally let myself believe it was indeed the restaurant.

We have a look round at the deserted restaurant which is decked out so beautifully. With huge tables and chairs made from old barrels, and the restaurant itself facing out to he lake.

After sitting down and finding out there was no menu the guy walks round, huge carp in hand. They kill, gut and prepare it and maybe an hour later we are eating the best fish and chips ever.

The bill was a bit of a bummer, coming in at 70€ between us but it was kind of our fault as half the bill was made up for the 13 or so beers we got through. After we had finished they gave us a further three beers each and we decide after a while we need to try and get back.

Very drunk we paddled the 2 hours or so back to the kayak rental place where they greet us with relieved looks on their faces. We had been gone so long they had gotten worried.

It’s a shame to say my best ever fish and chips wasn’t in England but finally I’ve eaten a fish caught minutes before it was prepared and served.


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