Camp Statkraft 

One of the points of this trip for me was to highlight human kindness. I didn’t want to mention it at the beginning because I didn’t know to what extent I would experience it. But as the days go by its clear that people are pretty much always good. 

Yesterday someone handed me £25 for a hotel. And today I am experiencing human kindness once again. 

I walk for 20 miles along side a river that powers a hydro dam. There is nowhere to camp so I keep walking, and hit 20 miles by about 14:30.

At that point I turn a corner and see what looks like a refugee camp. Basic barrack like buildings surrounded by wire fences. There’s some women and children playing near one of the fences which is why I thought ‘camp’. 

I decide I’m gonna ask here as I have walked so far already. I show security my begging note and ask if there’s anyone that speaks English. As this is a big international project many of the workers speak English, which is how I met Mr Welshman yesterday.   

The security man stops the next car leaving the site and asks if they speak English. 

The man inside asks me how he can help. 

‘There’s no hotels in the next town and I have walked a long way today’

‘You want to stay here?’

‘Yes, please’

‘Ah well I’m not sure the accommodation is kind of full right now’

I can tell it’s not but it would just be a hassle for him.

He continues 

‘I would have to call my manager and he won’t be happy to hear from me, I’m the health and safety manager so he doesn’t like calls from me’. 

Dammit, wrong person, however he’s nice, and must be able to help

‘Listen I have a place you can stay but it’s back where you came from, the next town.’

‘Ah ok, is there really no way I can stay here, I have just walked from there and it was far’

‘Listen come with me we will sort this out. Have a coffee at the next town and I’ll arrange something’.

He drives me to Moglicë, about two miles forward and drops me at a cafe, saying he will call the manager and be back in 1.5 hours to tell me what happened. He leaves and I wait. The thunder and rain get closer and as time passes I wonder if he just took me here because I was a pain in the ass and he wanted me away from the site. 

About two hours pass and he comes back. We chat and he says I can stay at his place. But he won’t be free for another 1.5 hours till after work. So now I wait till 18:00 for him to take me back to where he lives. Tomorrow morning if he doesn’t stay at his (he said he stays at the camp place) then I can easily hitch my way back to where I stopped walking and therefore not loose or gain any miles. 

People are still awesome. 


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