Injuries and tentskis

(Written a few days ago)My body feels like it is breaking. 

I wake up in the morning, even having slept in a bed and all my joints click continuously, my knees especially. My back and shoulders are constantly stiff and although I try and stretch at the end of a day everything still hurts. 

I’ve been walking around my motel room this morning and my knee which has always clicked once when I twist it in the correct way, has clicked four or five times, and feels like it could do more. I hope I am not permanently damaging my body, but I suppose if I did it would have been for a good reason. 

Today (Sunday) when I started walking. I was limping from an early stage. I had to take a few breaks early on and after maybe an hour or two I couldn’t continue. I took my sock from the foot that hurt and saw a blister had turned a dark colour. I had to pop it, so I did, disinfected it, patched it up and tried to carry on. It felt so comfortable immediately after but the second I stepped on uneven ground it was back to the initial pain, a shooting pain (through the blisters on the side of my heel) with each step and an intense ache from under my heel. It was only after being chased by another dog, and the subsequent shot of adrenaline, that I could walk at a good pace again, for once the dogs had benefitted my day. I must have softened the blisters during this adrenaline walk and the rest of the day I kept a good pace.  

It seems I am just going to go from one injury to the next. When I walk I had a pain in my knees for example, and after an hour I notice it’s gone, but only because it’s been replaced by something else which is kind of funny i guess. 

Other annoyances include:

Large rash over each shoulder from the bag straps, which comes and goes in intensity, itchiness and pain.

Rubbing on my hip which led to a bruise, a gross spot at one point, and which now seems to have recovered. Oh and dogs 

Here is a video of about half the dog encounters over the course of a day. Sorry for the language but they are a constant fear and stress in my day. The two dogs at the end were the 2nd and 3rd scariest I have encountered…to date

I took these clips as I had a day with one road, which had about three bends in it, over the course 17 miles. It was actually quite a nice walk, so I thought it would be a good day to log some videos. I recorded all the things that happened that day. I have sent the clips to Ted to make into a video so that may be ready in a week. It turned out to be a relatively interesting day as far as walking goes. Saying that, when I say ‘interesting’ I include things like seeing a really nicely ploughed field, and finding a whole perfect melon on the road then eating it. 

I have also just found the first camping shop since Montenegro. So I bought myself a tent. The hammock I have is so specific in its useability that I’ve given up considering it as an option. A tent i can put anywhere so I now have the freedom to walk for a certain number of hours each day till I reach Athens and it feels amazing. I feel free finally. No more awful long walks trying to reach a certain town only to find they have no hotels. The couch surfing app just Isnt yielding results and hotels have become so expensive (the cheapest in this city was 40€). So I bought the tent for 50€. Saving myself about 400€ in hotel bills over the next ten days or however long it takes to do the final stretch to Athens (the latest road sign said 300km)

So I’m feeling good. I’m setting off this afternoon, right now taking advantage of the last hotel (possibly) till Athens. So the day schedule has changed again. I expect this will be my routine over the next ten days: 

05:00 get up, pack up tent 

06:00 go

– At water points, wash self and clothes (it’s 25 degrees in the morning rising to 35+ in the evening so I can put on wet clothes and be dry in an hour)

– Walk for 5-6 hours or till heat of the day gets too much (generally up till midday is bearable) 

– Rest for a bit in the afternoon

– Find somewhere to camp

– Repeat 

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