Solo hitch hiking for girls. ‘So the guy driving me to Budapest is being weird’

This is a story about my friend. Let’s call her Kimbo because that’s what I call her. 
Kim is travelling on an extremely thin budget and needed to get from Ukraine to Greece, where I am trying to sort a Workaway for us. Her trip is over a thousand miles I have heard. In the first day or two she passed more than 500 miles which sounds pretty good, she hasn’t paid for a meal, and after 17 different lifts to reach Serbia most have been nice people. That is most of them. 

One out of seventeen isn’t such bad odds I guess but it only takes one creep to ruin a life. 

A lot of people in the western world think hitch hiking is dangerous, probably because of movies and media, but more often than not it is safe. The people who pick you up just want company on a long trip, or they have a generous sensibility. 

The one who was the problem took her to have a shower. She thought they were ‘going to stop at a truck stop, pay a couple of bucks (yeh she’s Merican) and get going. But turned out it was a hotel’. 

I thought it was funny when she posted a Facebook status about her hitch hike, her family all expressed concern and she replied ‘I have taken 17 so far and none have been a problem’. It was obviously a lie but nothing really bad had happened to that point. But anyway here is what actually happened: 


In the end she reached Budapest and all was well. But the creeps are out there. I guess a cautious person wouldn’t take the offer of the shower but this girl isn’t normal. She’s 19 and is hitchiking across Eastern Europe after all…

So here you are ladies, in the end she took about 25 lifts ad there was just 2 people who really tried it on. The second was worse apparently and she nearly jumped out of his lorry but he quickly jumped back in the driver seat and carried on driving. 

If you want to hitch hike through Eastern Europe alone, your chances of getting harassed are 8%

Happy hitchiking 

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