New York New York 

I got to Boston, stayed the night and left early next morning. I took a bus to New York as it was quite cheap and I just wanted to get here.I thought I would arrive at a bus terminal and there might be somewhere I can ditch my bag and look round the city for the day but no luck. We were dropped on the road. So I checked for hostels and hotels, but there was nothing under £160 a night. 

I tried to get out of town to hitch hike to Tennessee but after 2 hours trying to reach the road out, finding it only to realise it was a flyover, walking another hour to the junction, only to see a sign saying ‘no picking up or leaving passengers’ I decided to give up. I took a train back to the centre of New York and walked around a bit, had a few beers and some food, booked a bus to Tennessee for the next day and went to find somewhere to sit. I lay on a bench and ended up falling asleep. I woke up at about 22:00 and saw that two of the other benches had become occupied by homeless people. It was just out of sight of the road so I rolled out my roll mat and settled in for the night. I actually slept really well. I had to add two jackets and a pair of trousers as the night got colder but it was never unbearable. It was comfortable and no one bothered me, after about 1am people stopped walking past as well so it was quiet and I slept till the morning.


At about 5am people started passing again and woke me up. I decided to get going. 

At this time in the morning the homeless start to stir. I see a young man with two young boys. He pushes a trolley with a load of stuff in it and the kids have their little pull along suitcases. A lot of the homeless are still asleep in the doorways, I pass one woman sleeping right on the pavement, but she’s keeping warm on the grates with the warm air from the subways. I head to the bus station to brush my teeth, pee and charge my electronics. Then spend the rest of the morning waiting for my bus to Knoxville Tennessee. 

I feel I may come back here in future to see some more of the city, but to be honest I’d rather go to Copenhagen or somewhere nice. Things I did in New York:

– Drove through Brooklyn on the bus

– Saw the top of Empire State Building 

-Took a ferry over the Hudson River 

– Walked past Maddison square 

– Walked through Times Square 

– Slept on a bench 

– Saw the New York Times building 

– Had a big breakfast at a diner (I was dying to know if the coffee refills were free as they seemed to be in the films. They were. Life was good. Morning of coffee and food)

– Walked along the old railway high line 


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