I thought it appropriate to do a bit of a bucketlist for the USA seeing as I’m staying with a very accommodating host at this aquaponics farm out in hillbilly zone Tennessee. So here it is, I’ll probably add more stuff as I do it…basically it’s what I’ve done whilst here…


  • Delivered a goat, solo
  • Pumpkin pie!
  • Drive in movie
  • Football game at a sports bar
  • Live country music
  • Homemade moonshine (I can still see. I smelled it and thought hmm, smells ok. Tasted it and thought, ow, this hurts my tongue)
  • Breakfast at a diner with refillable coffee (had massive poached eggs and spinach thing in New York)
  • Drink a root beer (tasted like medicine)
  • Ride a greyhound bus (from Knoxville To Bristol, full of hicks)
  • Beer at a typical American bar (still yet to have a beer with a head on it that lasts more than a few seconds before it bubbles away)

To do 

  • Shoot a gun
  • Nick Hakim
  • Find out what a Taco Bell is all about

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