Travel CV- 1.5 years in

Today Facebook showed me a post from 1 year ago, which was marking 6 months completed in brazil. I was considering waiting till I had finished my trip before posting this but it feels like a special moment after a year an a half so here goes 

May to October 2015

  • I built a two storey cob house in Brazil. From foundations to roof. I learned how to build with stone, cob, and some wood
  • During this time I learned Brazilian Portuguese. From May to October I learned with apps, books, listening to people etc.

Since October 2015

  • I have slowly been learning Swedish and am at a basic level 

November 2015 to January 2016

  • For three months I studied at a Portuguese language school in Rio, advancing from their middle ‘B1’ course, through ‘B2’ and finally the advanced ‘C’ course.

March 2016

  • I helped build a cob and wood tree house in Hungary for a month. They also had a small permaculture farm which we helped maintain

June 2016

  • I walked 500 miles from Montenegro to Athens to raise money for UNICEF. I raised £2500 through friends, family, and many people I didn’t know through a Facebook campaign 

July 2016

  • I spent two weeks at an organic farm in Greece, learning about biodynamic and organic agriculture

From August 2016

  • I am learning Latin American Spanish. I started for the first three months learning from apps, YouTube and podcasts whilst travelling in the USA. I am at an intermediate level

September/October 2016

  • I spent two months in Tennessee building an aquaponics greenhouse. Advanced my woodworking skills and learned exactly how the aquaponics method of farming works.

Since August 2016
Open University Courses studied
Introductory level:

  • Environment: following the flows
  • Introducing the environment: ecology and ecosystems
  • Neighbourhood nature
  • Global warming

Intermediate level

  • Climate change: transitions to sustainability
  • Transport and sustainability

Advanced level

  • Energy in buildings
  • Effects of pollutants on the aquatic environment

October 2016. Started learning French

Books read

  • ‘Sapiens: a brief history of humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari
  • The colours of energy: essays on the future of energy in society
  • ‘ Cradle to cradle’ By Michael Braungart
  • Short stories in Portuguese
  • ‘Why we work’ by Barry Schwartz

Other skills

Countries travelled

  1. Brazil 
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Poland 
  5. Hungary
  6. Serbia 
  7. Montenegro
  8. Albania
  9. Greece
  10. USA


One comment

  1. Your cv is beginning to assume impressive proportions. I am in awe of what you have achieved. Your experiences leave me feeling humbled. Dad


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