Tikal – Mayan Pyramids

  Today the four of us managed to hitch hike about 100km to an incredible Mayan pyramid site named Tikal. We’ve been staying on an island called Flores for a few days and today finally we managed to get to the ruins. After multiple hangovers and failed attempts to get there, today I put my foot down and woke everyone up. 
Hitchiking there was easy, despite barely any traffic in some places, we never had to wait more than a few minutes, rarely having to wait more than two cars before someone stopped. We even got a lift from a cop car.   

The ruins were the most incredible ive ever seen. Being in the middle of the jungle makes the so many more times as amazing for some reason. You climb to the top of one and over top of the canopy of the jungle you spot another four or five peaks of similar pyramids in the distance.   

We stayed for a while and whilst the sun was setting we packed up our stuff to leave. By the time we were maybe half way back through the jungle it was pitch dark. 

We could have easily slept at the pyramids with a bit of planning but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be a strong trait within this group. All we would have needed was a hammock and some water

Long story short we missed the last bus out of the park. The pyramids to the edge of the national park is 17km so we couldn’t walk. We got a lift out after being threatened to have the police called on us. We were then stuck outside the park, with no passing traffic as this road is only there to take people from the town 8km away, into the park. Luckily a few of the staff helped us out and called the tourist police, who came and picked us up. They tried to get a little bribe out of us for the lift but we managed to get away without paying that even so overall we had a very successful day: two long journeys for free, and an incredible visit to the best pyramids I’ve ever been to.   

Tomorrow the plan is to get back to Lanquin to the volunteer project there.  I should probably wait till I’m not tired before writing a post but I don’t wanna forget everything and I know I’m not gonna have Internet when I get back so here it is 


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