Antigua Guatemala 

I have made a brief stop in Antigua, Guatemala to climb a mountain next to a continuously erupting volcano. That is booked for tomorrow so I thought i would check trip advisor for what should be done whilst in Antigua. Luckily the list of interesting things here wasn’t vast so I picked a couple of points of google maps and walked to them. 

High on the list was the Jesus cross at the top of th hill. It gives you a really nice view of the town. 

Antigua really is just what it says on the tin. It’s a place with cobbled streets, low colourful buildings, with mountains around it, maybe one of them is a volcano. 

Apart from that the main sites are all Christian based. 

The story goes as follows:

Spanish came to the Americas, killed locals, took land, built churches over ancient monuments, the end. 

The cross looms large over the city and opposite is the volcano, as if they are having a stand off. The God Aqua fearing the cross and the naturalists fearing the volcano. 

The volcanos presence is really profound within the city. Whenever you see it you can really feel it, like its sitting there guarding the city, like an old grandfather with a really bad temprement that could technically explode at any point in a rage of molten lava.   

I don’t have anything bad to say about Antigua but I’m not stayin any longer than I need to. I feel it’s the sort of place that is good for couples as it has loads of restaurants and then for the time that you’re not eating there’s a lot of tourist shops and nice buildings to look at.   



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