Semuc Champey 

Just before new year I visited all the tourist sites in the area I have been staying in. They were all incredible in their own ways and it is no wonder they are famous all round Guatemala. The area of Lanquin is strange in that there is only a few sites so the hostels struggle to find activities for more than two or three days for their guests. First of all we went in some caves which was scary to say the least. Wading through opaque water up to your chest with just a candle as a light was intense

Then the Semuc Champey pools and view point…  

It was raining the day we went but despite this the view was incredible. The clouds were rolling through the mountains over the pools as i got to the view point and this made it better than a sunny day in my opinion.   

The pools were cool but what I really wanted to see was the maasive river charge under the earth and come out the other side. It was as cool as I thought it would be. The river just rages and disappears in to the ground and the tranquil pools are quietly sat on top.   

Finally on another day when it was sunny I went tubing with a couple of other volunteers. This was actually my favourite activity. It is so peaceful on the river and there’s certain parts without any development where enormous ancient trees cling to the river bank, covered in vines and creepers. Then there is the rapids where we had to avoid going over and hitting rocks as the river was quite low, this was really fun. The volunteers had been once before with a guide but had basically forgotten the safe routes through so we winged it which made it ever better. 

Semuc Champey was awesome but seeing as the activities are so limited I wouldn’t see a reason to go back 


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