Acatenango Hike

I keep having some of the best moments of my life. Yesterday was a new best moment which is saying something, and the previous best moment was just a week ago as I tubed down the river Cahabon admiring the nature there. 

Yesterday I had booked a two day hike up Acatenango. We hike up to a view point on a dormant volcano on day one, sleep there, watched a live volcano: Fuego for the evening, then the Next morning at 4am we leave for the summit to watch the sunrise.   

We completed all of this, however in addition, as I couldn’t bare to miss a single eruption, instead of sleeping in the tent, I decided to sleep outside and watch Fuego all night.   

The temperatures get down to freezing at night and luckily we had only a small breeze but either way I was very cold all night. But I figured, although there’s a chance I may see a volcano erupting, I almost certainly won’t be able to stay up for a whole night on a dormant volcano watching eruptions ever again in my life. So I set up my roll May by the fire and settled in.  

I got a few hours of sleep when I had fully sealed myself in the sleeping bag, each of these sleeps was usually cut short when Fuego exploded and sent off a rumble like thunder, followed by the spitting of molten rock high in to the sky. 

Watching the eruptions was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. It was like the most amazing fireworks display you can witness, added to that the fact that it was all complete violent nature. The lava flew up in the air and on the larger explosions it would fall down the sides of the volcano seemingly in slow motion, and coat the top with a cloak of glowing golden orbs of magma. 

We completely lucked out with the weather too. It was cloudy but we were just above the cloud level at the base camp so the sunset and sunrise were all the more spectacular even than a clear day. We were sat above the clouds and it was like being on a plane. 



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