Guatemala City

I just had the most incredible day in a city…which is saying something as I hate cities. 
A friend from the hippy commune offered to show me round the city, to give me an ultimate tour. 

It just so happened she is a fourth year biology student at the university there, and has a car, so she drove me to the biology department first for a ‘suprise’ 

I literally couldn’t ask for a better city experience. We spent the first two hours of the day looking at the vast butterfly, beetle and grasshopper collection in the university.  

Then we headed to her friends doughnut shop for some artisan sweetness. 

Followed by the beautiful park in the centre of the city. 

Then the Maya museum, modern art museum, and ending with beer and pizza. 

It’s safe to say I fell in love with my friend during the day and it was sad to leave her. 

She drove me to the airport the next day and gave me a bag full of gifts, including a book for indentifying the insects of Guatemala, three large beetles from her personal collection, a couple of butterflies and some ‘dope’ stones. 

This girl is incredible and I guess this is a downside to travelling. Having to fly away from someone like that. 


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