I have spent the last month or so in a small town in northern Colombia living with a family who speak no English. As such, my level of Spanish improved drastically and I would put my current level as: ‘pretty decent’

Travelling has taken a strange turn in that I feel I have accomplished everything I wanted, and more, so I don’t really know what to do. 

Starting out I wanted to learn about Eco farming and building, and learn languages. I’m pretty sure that was my goal… I now know about various farming methods, from the most basic all the way through to the technicalities of aquaponics. I have learned to build with wood, stone, clay and bamboo. I have read about all sorts of views on religions which has even ruled out Buddhism for myself. I have learned two languages up to level ‘decent’ and have seen pyramids and ancient monuments around the world. I can walk in to a shop without buying something. I think slower, talk slower, eat slower. I can sew the holes in my clothes. I look after my body as well as my mind. I am happy with who I am. I have discovered a passion for reading (thanks to mum buying me a kindle). 

I know exactly what I want to do with my life and so travelling has become less and less useful. I cannot find volunteer projects I am passionate about so I am making my way back to Brazil, by bus, from Colombia, through Bolivia. Check the map for the monstrousness of that journey. Baring in mind it will mostly be mountain roads. 

A couple of months ago after reading a bit in to Buddhism I decided my final six months of travelling would be in India. I’d go on a six month tour of yoga/meditation retreats and go full hippy, and float back on a magic carpet wearing nothing but a nappy and a turban. But having read a book that swiftly destroyed Buddhism as yet another religion designed to keep people poor I found it impossible to continue following it. 

So now I’m a bit stuck. My dream is to live off a piece of land using everything I have learned. My dream is never to have to work a job again. As the two do not go hand in hand i have no other option but to make my last 5Gs last as long as possible. Flitting around the world trying to find quiet places to read and enjoy life 

I really liked my time in Colombia so here are some photos to avoid writing about it  

salt mine
salt mine


cool bug (harlequin if youre interested)
making empanadas with my host ma on my birthday
gifts 4 kidz
bus in Bogota
gold museum bogota
natuonal museum bogota
awesome day oit with host family
it was a baby honest
plant potter i made from guadua
sign i painted for host pa
2000 yr old stattues of san agustin


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