Nasca Lines

In the interest of continuity and completeness of blog for future self, I will continue to note what I have done. This morning I went to see the Nasca Lines. You fly around in an 8 man plane which was cool, till it started swaying from side to side and banking for long periods in order to let everyone get a good view of the lines. 

I felt sick most of the time so it wasn’t till we turned to fly back that I really enjoyed the views. 

The lines looked really small but then the dude was like- so that triangle down there is 5 kilometres long. So then you start to appreciate that they are big. I like seeing stuff like this, and finding out that they point perfectly to the north or something like that. It gives a nice look in to how the sun and moon cycles were important for the old people.

When we got out I spotted some coca sweets at a stand so I bought some to try and get rid of my sickness, and also because I haven’t tried any coca products yet.   

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