This Blog –

I have started this blog so that in 50 years when I am about to die, I can look back at all the stupid shit I did when I could still climb fences. If you know me I am sure none of it will offend you, if you don’t, and it does, then feel free to leave. If you don’t know me and you find the content funny or interesting, then that’s great.

I feel that most of the content will be based around stuff going wrong, places I have broken in to, getting arrested, how little money I have spent, me doing cool stuff that makes people think I super-cool. I believe everyone and everything should be free, and I am trying to live that life.

This is why I’m travelling – 
I was on the way home from Thailand (15th January 2015) accepting I would have to go back to work and travel for a month each year. Wasn’t over the moon about it but wasn’t upset about it as my job was ok. (Full time graffiti artist, it was pretty sick actually)

But then on the flight from Abu Dhabi to the UK I looked out the window at one point and saw these huge perfect, untouched snowy mountains for as far as I could see. No roads, no settlements or anything.

And I was like FUCKKKKKK I haven’t seen any of the world. There’s so many incredible things I am missing by living in the same place and working..

I’ve always said my meaning of life is about experiences as opposed to achievements for example (not considering in to religion or philosophy), and that I would travel when I retire. But I think that was because I was too scared to do it now and I would be more confident to do it when I was old and didnt give a shit (when I was old)

Having been to Thailand and realising I can be happy, and actually happier, anywhere in the world, I was like furrrrrckkkkk do it now u twat. So the plan is to travel across the world from America to Australia and only stop if I find somewhere I want to live.

So there it is. C YA


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